BloomsyBox Plant Subscription Review

I have signed up for more than one plant subscription box in my day. The results are usually the same every time: I end up with an overpriced, tiny plant that has been damaged during shipping.

BloomsyBox reached out to me about reviewing their new Plant Box, and I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical. I had been burned before. But BloomsyBox has impressed me not only with their gorgeous plants but with the great care they put into selecting and shipping them.

Here are five things I love about BloomsyBox:

1. The Packaging

It’s hard to ship plants. Leaves break easily, and soil doesn’t always stay in the pot if things get turned upside down or sideways. But BloomsyBox has achieved what I thought was impossible.

My plant was packed snugly in an air filled plastic holder sized perfectly for the pot. My plant’s leaves were not damaged, and I did not have a ton of dirt in the bottom of the box. These BloomsyBox folks have got it down. Or they’re using some kind of magic to ship their plants. Either way, I am a fan.

2. The Plant

I was expecting to be sent a tiny houseplant, but what I got was a gorgeous, full snake plant. This is not a teeny little cutting that was stuck into a pot right before being mailed out. It’s a beautiful plant that I still can’t believe was sent to me through the mail.

3. The Pot

My BloomsyBox plant came in a real ceramic pot. That may sound like a small detail, but I promise it’s not. Most plant subscriptions have a cheap grower’s pot or a biodegradable paper planter. I love this attention to detail because it really makes the subscription so much more valuable. Plus, I can take the plant out of the box and immediately display it in my home.

4. The Tag

No cheap plastic tags here! My plant came with an adorable wooden tag that I actually love to display with the plant. The folks at BloomsyBox really paid attention to every detail.

5. The Price

At $54.99 a month, the BloomsyBox Plant Box isn’t cheap, but it is a spectacular value. I have paid the same price and received a lot less for my money. When you pay for BloomsyBox, you receive a large, gorgeous plant in a ceramic pot, and it comes to your door in perfect condition. In my opinion, you will absolutely get what you pay for when you sign up for BloomsyBox.


If you’ve been let down by plant subscription boxes in the past, I highly encourage you to check out BloomsyBox. In one word, BloomsyBox is QUALITY. I am highly impressed by their service and all they provide to plant lovers.

Kate Inskeep

Kate Inskeep is a mom of three from Illinois who loves growing things. She fell in love with houseplants after a friend gifted her some succulents. Before long, her windowsills were full of plants, and she was hooked.

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